Steps To Register Domain Name For Your Website

Domain Name Registration

Steps To Register Domain Name For Your Website

Let Us first Discuss what is Domain Name

Domain Name is the address of your Website on the Internet. Web Browsers will recognize you from the internet through your Domain Name. In Technical language, it is an IP address( of your website, which is a machine-understandable domain of your business. For ease of human this domain- machine level domain is converted into a human-readable domain.

Domain Name Registration Process

For registering Domain for your Website you need to contact Domain Name Registrar. They will guide you so that you can achieve the best results. There are various steps which you need to follow to register your domain name.

Deciding Perfect Domain Name: Your Domain name will be the brand name of your business. You will be recognized by the domain name you own.

It could be decided on various factors

A. Try to use your Brand Name: If you are established business and your business name is well known, you should go with the same name. As visitors will try to search you for that name.

If your business is new, you should go with the domain name as per your business needs.

B. Be Short: Short domain names are easy to memorize. So try for a short domain name which is easy to pronounce and memorize.

C. Choose the Country Specific Domain: You would have seen some domains ending with .au(Australia), .nz(Newzeland),, .uk(England), .ae(Dubai) and many more for different countries. These are Country Code Top-Level Domains.

Therefore, if you want to target your business for one country you can use the domain of a specific country.

D. Choosing Top Level Domain: There are Six Top Level Domains

which are

  • .com for commercial purposes,
  • .net for network,
  • .edu for educational institutes,
  • .org for organization,
  • .mil for military,
  • .gov for governmental institutes
  • You can choose the domain as per your business needs.


Choosing the Domain name matter a lot for your business success. Make sure to take the advice of professional Domain Name Registrar so that you can achieve the best results from your business.