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10 Hour Personal Assistants

Virtual Assistant to assist you with your office needs, such as returning phone calls, scheduling appointments, updating your calendar, and other office needs

Price : $1499

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Business Cloud Phone Services

Digital SEO Village has gone one step further is designing business cloud phone services much more seamless and efficient.

Price : $50

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Companies dislike the term ‘turnaround consulting’ because it represents failure. The truth is that turnaround consulting represents success.


Domain Name Registration

Domain name registration is the reservation of a name on the Internet for a specific duration, say a year or so, it calls many factors to ponder so that the operation is smooth and without hiccups.

Price : $10

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Web Hosting

Digital SEO Village enjoys good patronage in the multiple web hosting scenarios as well as in single account stream. We can offer flexible solutions to cater to your future needs.

Price : $20

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Business Phone Service

As voice calls are still a core component of effective communications, the implementation of reliable cloud phone services as offered by us attains vital importance.

Price : $50

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Secured Crypto Storage

Price : $50

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PWA(Progressive Website App)

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web app that uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like experience to users. ... You can deploy your app as a PWA as well as Native app.

Price : $899

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Email Account

Digital seo Village will help to create and manage different email account for your business needs.

Price : $8

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Website Monthly Management

Monthly management we update all necessary plugins, overall test functionality of the website, minor customer-requested updates. Restore from backups if required.

Price : $129

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Mobile app Design

Digital SEO Village understands the criticality of Mobile App design with all the gravity it calls for. We understand the importance of simplicity in the Mobile App design as the users all need not be of high calibre.

Price : $999

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Emailing Campaigns

Our team will create a group of 500 qualified emails within your selected area of expertise in which to email your provided content. Provide a detail report on your email campaign project. An excellent idea for your newsletters or sales promotions

Price : $99

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Graphic Design Work

We have a graphic design artist on staff able to quote you prices on Logos, Marketing Ads, and others. Logos prices start at $49

Price : $49

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Mobile App Monthly Mantenance

Like any other dynamic systems, mobile app monthly maintenance is a must for healthy functioning. As mobile apps are costly to develop any malfunctioning can be frustrating, so it needs to be maintained properly.

Price : $99

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Website Development

Small website designs, development, and complete functionality testing. Our team of forwarding thinking technicians willing to help you through this process, unlike other companies.

Price : $299

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Social Media Marketing

Create displays ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, client will be responsible for daily paid per click budgets or you can pay $450 the preset daily budget is included. $99 initial setup fee required! Please expect three months for improvement!

Price : $120

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Social Media Management

Post clients provided content three times per week in the following social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Additional posting available at $15 per platform, also additional days available at $20 per day

Price : $120

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SEO and Adword Campaigns

Provide ten keywords and we will perform all necessary actions to get your companies web page moved closer toward the first page of google search engines. This process is ongoing and will take several months to yield results

Price : $199

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