List of Free SEO Tools for Analyzing and Boosting Your Website Ranking

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List of Free SEO Tools for Analyzing and Boosting Your Website Ranking

In the past, SEO was all about link building to gain authority for our website. But with the change of time all the search engines are making changes in their algorithms so that they could deliver best results for the search performed by the users.
Now SEO could be productive only if we regularly analyze the work we are doing.
There are different paid and free seo tools available where we can analyze our website.
Though paid tools provide us more accurate results but the free tools also give us results for the basic parameters.

Today we will list the free SEO Tools:

1. Yoast: For WordPress website, Yoast is the best tool(Plugin) which helps in optimizing the content of our webpage for the specific keyword. It is equipped with many features which helps in boosting the ranking of our website.

2. All in one SEO: It is other most commonly used plugin in WordPress site which has it’s own features for optimizing the website. It ease out the on-page optimization process of website.

3. Smush: It is image compression and Optimization tools which reduces the size of images which help in boosting the speed of website/webpage.

4. Tools by Google: Google provide us many free tools, using which we can get the useful metrics for our Website promotion.

  • Keyword Planner: It give us the data for the keyword search volume being searched on google.
  • Analytics: It gives us the metrics of our website i.e. how our website is performing on the google.
  • Search Console: It gives us data about the index satus for our website. It will give you the details of search queries bringing traffic to our website.
  • Trends: It gives us the data about the trending keywords which help us to use the best trending keywords.
  • Page Speed Insights: We can check the loading speed of our website using this tool.

5. Keywords Everywhere: It is another free tool for keyword research. It is extension for browser.

6. SEO Web Page Analyzer: This tool will analyze your website and recommend you the required changes.

These are most commonly used free tools with different functionalities. There are many other tool which could be categorized for different parameters.Use these Tools under the supervision of professional SEO agency so as to achieve effective results.