Digital Marketing | 5 Benefits & 7 Types of Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Digital Marketing | 5 Benefits & 7 Types of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Unlike the traditional Marketing, where we have to reach to client either personally or through our physical resources, the Digital Marketing has totally changed the whole scenario of marketing where we need to do smart work rather than hard work.

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Digital Marketing is very vast term which basically means promoting our products and services using Digital platforms. It incorporates the use of latest technology and digital resources available for our business promotion.

According to the salesforce research about 75% of total Marketing budget will go to digital Marketing channels in 2021. So it is best to move to digital marketing now for business promotion to kick start our business.

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Internet is boon to our society, it has given us easy access to all the world. In terms of business development we can utilise internet by using different social media channels, creating Website, developing mobile applications and doing many other things according to our convenience.

With the easy accessibility of internet, the users of internet are increasing day by day.

Many of us use to search for different products and services from internet on regular bases and if we find the good deal we surly buy the products from the available resource. So Digital Marketing is about connecting the right people on right time at right place.

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5 Benefits of Digital Marketing

1. It is cost effective: If properly planned, the cost of digital marketing is very less as compared to traditional marketing.

2. Easy to target required Audience: All the digital media platforms have the facility target the audience by selecting their age group and locality.

3. Easy availability of resources: For Digital Marketing, we only need computer and smart mobile with internet connection or we can hire digital marketing agency who could do work for us.

4. Easy to analyse: All the digital media platforms has features to monitor the work done on them. Like in Facebook we can analyse our work from insights.

5. Global Reach: By creating our website we can easily share our products and services worldwide.

7 Types of Digital Marketing

1. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

2. Social Media Marketing(SMM)

3. Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

4. Email Marketing

5. Content Marketing

6. Affiliate Marketing

7. Mobile App Marketing

Let’s get into details

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a process of working on various strategies to enhance the ranking of website so that it could show up in top ranking in Search Engine Result Page(SERP). Moreover, SEO generally includes all the tasks required to optimize website or webpage so that search engine crawlers could easily crawl the webpage/website and index it in top ranking in Search engine result page.


Lets Understand this process

Whenever we search for any service or products online using search engine usually “Google” we type our required word-“keyword”, search engine will give us the list of results.
Most probably we click on top results and if we find good services, we use to buy those services and the rest of the lower order results don’t get any kind of preference.

With the help of SEO, we work to get our Website to top ranking in search engine results so that we can get traffic on our website. 

In Fact, SEO Helps to build strong domain authority(DA), Page Authority(PA) and Alexa ranking of our website which gives strength to website for attaining higher ranking in search engine results.

SEO is catagorised into two types:

1. Onpage SEO: It include the tasks which are done on website like submitting content in website and optimizing it, assigning proper title, meta description, inserting image alt attributes, internal links, managing H tags, URL Structure and many other tasks.

2. Offpage SEO: All the activities done after the website is published on web it include blog promotion, building engagement, Sharing our web page on different social media platforms, responding to clients queries etc.

Now-a-days almost every business has it’s website to show online presence but the website could generate business only if proper marketing of website is going on.

Most importantly the search engines are regularly updating their algorithms for maintaining the quality. So to get on top ranking in the search results we need to follow the guidelines of search engines. This could be achieved by hiring best Digital Marketing Agency.

To be Continued…..

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Digital Marketing | 7 Types & 5 Benefits of Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing is very vast term which basically means promoting our products and services using Digital platforms.
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