Different Digital Marketing Channels

Different Digital Marketing Channels

Different Digital Marketing Channels

Digital Marketing is best form of marketing of our products and services by using Digital Media devices which includes Mobiles, computers, PDA’s, etc. It incorporate the use of Internet for online exchange of information.

It is an emerging form of marketing as it delivers quick results. We can reach to huge number of audience by adopting effective strategies as per our business requirements.

Today we will discuss about Various Channels used for Digital Marketing

1. Email Marketing

The Use of email marketing has declined now but according to senior digital Marketers – Email Marketing is very effective source for promotion of our products and services if done correctly.

2. Search Engine Marketing

Marketing on search engines like google, Bing, yahoo, etc. It could be divided into two types SEO and SEM. Where SEO is promotion by organic means whereas SEM incorporate use of monetary value for promotion of website/business.

3. Social Media Marketing

It include use of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, You-tube, WeChat, Tumblr, etc. SMM is the best form of marketing as all social media platforms accounts to hold strong audience base, so promotion on these platforms could easily reach to large number audiences.

We can avail free as well as paid services of Social Media Marketing platforms.

4. Content Marketing

Content is base in all forms of Marketing. Content includes blogs, articles, images, info-graphics, etc. which could convey details of our products and services to the clients.

If we could create appealing content to divert the customer to our products and services, Content Marketing is the best form of Marketing.

5. Mobile Marketing

We can promote our products and services on Mobile applications as many mobile apps gives us facility to display ads on their platforms. This is also fastest emerging form of Marketing as number of mobile users are increasing every year. So in the future this form of marketing will be the best form of marketing.

With all these types of Marketing we can use different marketing tools like google analytics, Canva, Buffer, Hoot-suite, mail Chimp, and many other for creating ads, attractive info-graphics which could ease out our work.

For every Business the Digital Marketing Strategies needs to be changed accordingly so that they could give you fruitful results. Only a professional digital marketer could understand the required changes and could build the strategies accordingly.

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