Things To Keep In Mind Before Designing a Good Website

Web Designing

Things To Keep In Mind Before Designing a Good Website

Designing of a website plays a very important role which decides how the website will look like. Web Designer has to understand the requirements of client and need to analyze the conditions as per the need of a particular niche. A web designer works on appearance, format/layout and content of the website.

In Appearance, the designer decides about selection of colors, font, and images to be used in Website. For best results and to stay protected from google penalties, every business should use unique images and should not copy the images from some other online resources, especially copyright images.

The Format/Layout is the pattern of website i.e. how the content, images, buttons, menus will be arranged on the website. The Layout defines the structure of the website. The navigation within the pages also depends on the type of layout used in the website. The layout of the website must be easy so that user should not find any difficulty to navigate the website.

In Content Management, the designer needs to decide how to structurize the content in the most attractive and effective way. The content may include text and embedded graphics, videos, audios, photos, maps for user interaction.

While Designing a website, the designer needs to take care of many other aspects.

Which are:

  1. Loading Speed: The Design should not be so heavy that it should adversely affect the loading speed to website. User can’t wait for more than 3 to 4 seconds for the loading of website/webpage.
  2. Responsiveness: The design of website should be responsive so that it could be browsed form all the devices in any resolution.
  3. Appealing to eyes: The design should be such that it should not look strange or looks weird to the eyes.
  4. Easy User Interface: The user should not find difficulty in accessing different pages of the website. The access to all the pages should be easy.
  5. Make Good Use of Graphics: Make optimal use of Graphics, so that you can easily convey your message to the user.

Hire a Web designing company that fulfil all these functionalities. So that your business should be user and browser friendly and could achieve effective results.