5 Benefits & Importance of Responsive Website Design

Today people prefer to use mobile devices over desktop devices. From the recent survey, it has been found that the number of mobile device users is more than desktop users. This describe the need of responsive website design.

Earlier the website was only designed for desktops and if the customer wants to search the website from smart phones or tablets, they used to get rendered websites or web pages.

So to cope up with this problem, the developer and designer need to create responsive websites which could work efficiently on both the devices.

On April 21st, 2015 Google has also announced it’s a major update about mobile responsive websites. With Mobile friendly ranking algorithm, Google will rank the website higher which are mobile responsive. So this becomes the major factor to rank our website in search results.

A mobile-friendly website is one that is correctly displayed on the desktop as well as mobile devices.

Let us discuss the benefits of Responsive Website :

  1. Help in Ranking of website
  2. Improved user experience
  3. Website could be accessed from all the devices
  4. Improves the speed of the website
  5. Cost-effective than app development.


During the website creation, you need to design a website so that it should be easily optimized for mobile devices i.e. it should be responsive website. As one of the best SEO & website development company in the USA, we design the website which works perfectly on all mobile devices. We make sure that we create a website which presents a good user experience to mobile users as well as desktop users.

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