Different Social Media Platforms For Website Promotion – Digital Seo Village

Social Media is very powerful tool for promotion of our Products and services. Different Social Media Channels account to have large user bases which is in Millions.

So make use of social media platforms to showcase products and services to users.

  1. Facebook: It is the most popular Social Media Platform, mostly used by every business. We can create Business Page in Facebook and use it to promote our Products and services. Now the Organic reach of Facebook is very limited, so you can use ads for better results from Facebook. It is very useful tools for our promotion.
  2. YouTube:YouTube is the Best Platform for promotion of our business through Videos. So if you can create Videos for your products and services, you can use this platform.
  3. P interest:It is Image-centered platform were you can promote your business through images. It is mostly used by female audiences.
  4. Whats app:It is the emerging app for instant messaging either to individual or to group. The call feature on whats app is very useful to interact directly with clients.
  5. TikTok:It is the 4th most downloaded social media app in 2018 and is very popular among teens. It has many features and stickers to give very user friendly experience. By using its paid subscription, business owners can take benefits of it.

These are the most commonly used social media platforms.
Moreover, The list of social media channels is very large which include Instagram, WeChat, Tumblr, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vimeo, QQ, QZone, Viber, Line, Snapchat, VK, Telegram, Reddit, Scoopit, Diigo, Shashdot, Mix, Pearlstree, Plurk, Vine, Weheartit, Flicker, etc.

Therefore, Make Use of these Social Media Platforms for promotion of your Business and reach to large number of Audiences to boost your Business.

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