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The Term Domain Name Registration refers to a process of assigning name for our website. As an individual, we want the name(domain name) which could be easy to remember or which could represent our brand easily. On the internet, every website is known by it’s unique name(domain name) and the name once taken could not be used by other business till the owner himself doesn’t allow the domain to be used by other’s.

In your Domain name, TLD(Top Level Domain) plays very important role. There are following TLD for different businesses these are like .com, .net, .org, .biz, .xyz, .info, .top, .store, .online, .club, .edu or ccTLDs like .co, .uk, .ca, .tk, .in, .nz, .eu, .fr, .de, .jp, .etc.

“The Domain name which is short and easy to remember are preferred more than the descriptive domain.”

There are many benefits of choosing the quality domain name registration for our business(Website).
These are:

1. Domain Name should be related to our Business name: Having a domain name as our business name helps our customers to find us online easily.
2. For New Business: If you are going to start a new business, or your brand is not established yet, you should go with the domain name which could easily represent your business. It will help you rank better in the Search engine results.
3. Easy to Remember: The Domain name you are taking should sound good and easy to remember. Always try to use the general words as your domain name.
4. Avoid Similarities: Where your domain name should be Unique, it should differ from other similar domain names on the internet. so that our clients should not get confused over two domains.
5. Choosing TLD’s: Always prefer to choose .com extension for commercial uses or if you are some educational institute then go for .edu, for governmental agency choose .gov if you want to focus on a specific country then try .ca, .uk, .nz, or as your desired location.

Keeping all these aspects in mind, Digitalseovillage will help you in choosing the best & cheapest domain name Registration services for your website.

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