What Are Backlinks | Important Factors For Building Quality Backlinks

An Experienced Digital Marketer knows the value of backlinks. In simple words, Backlink is a value passed by one website to the other.

From seo prospective, Backlinks are the building blocks for the website. The Number of Backinks helps to uplift the popularity and importance of Website.

Important Factors For Building Quality Backlinks:

  • Quality Backlinks

You could get number of backlinks but the Quality of backlinks matters a lot, when search engine consider any website for ranking, it consider the quality of backlink as the most important factor.

  • Relevancy Of Backlinks

Niche relevant backlinks are very important rather than creating backlinks on those site which are not into your business. If the search engine found the backlinks form irrelevant site they do-not consider it as quality backlinks.

For example if you are into business of massage and getting link from other massage business, it will be more ralavent.

  • DA and PA Of Backlinks

Domain Authority and Page Authority are the other important factors in link building. To get the quality backlinks you always need to get backlinks from website with higher DA and PA then yours.

These are measure from 0–100. For a newly build website it is generally 0 and keep on increasing as we build backlinks on high authority sites. Before Submit your link use smallseotool or any other authority checker to check website authority.

So, avoid building links on low Authority website.

  • Get Backinks From New Websites

Rather than working on repeated sites, search for new sites which have higher authority than yours. You will get a single backlink from one website so there is no need to repeat the same website for more number of times.

  • Build Strong Social Presence

Social Sharing helps in Brand awareness. It is the easiest way to generate traffic for your website or business. During the profile creation on these social media platforms, make sure to submit your website on them.


Follow these strategies to build quality backlinks for your website or take guidance of Seo Agency which could help you in generating high quality backlinks.

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