Business Promotion By Digital Marketing | 8 Types of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a huge term which relates to latest form of marketing technique for promotion of our business and services.

It is form of marketing using digital medias. This industry is moving at very fast pace, so it will takeover all other traditional forms of marketing.

“Digital Marketing is sometimes referred to as internet Marketing.”

Methods by which Digital Marketing is carried out are:

  1. SEO(Search Engine Optimisation): It is optimisation of our Website for search engine and creating Back-links for our website, so as to make is search engine friendly.
  2. SMO(Social Media Marketing): It is marketing of our products or brand on social media without investing monetary value. Social Media Platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc.
  3. SMM(Social Media Marketing): It is paid form of marketing on social media accounts. Almost every social media gives free and paid services. When we promote our business by running campaigns on social medias it is termed as SMM.
  4. PPC(Pay Per Click): It is service given by Google, in which the advertiser has to pay some amount of money on every click on their business/website. Google helps the website by highlighting the website in search engine result page.
  5. Content Marketing: It is marketing by promotion of content which could be in form of text , images or videos.
  6. Email Marketing: It is from of marketing in which marketer sends direct link or message to their audience via Emails. It is form of direct marketing.
  7. Affiliate Marketing: It is performance based marketing in which the marketer promote the products and services of Services provider.
  8. Web Advertisement: Sometime we use to see different adds on websites, it is called Web Advertisement.

Each one of us use to spend 2-3 hours on digital mediums daily whether on mobile phones, Laptops or any other digital media devices. They account to have large number of audience on them, So it will be very beneficial for us if we can use these resources effectively for our business promotion.

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